Activities in the area

The Rural House "Cal Trucafort" is located in la Bisbal de Falset, a village with 250 people with sights to two mountains, called el Grau and l'Agustí, and to the Montsant Natural Park. The area of Priorat is special for its wine and its olive oil. If you are interested in gastronomic or wine tourism you are in the right place.


Here you can practice all kind of outdoor sports either on your own or taking part in the walking tours that are organized by the hiking groups of the Priorat. Moreover, now in Cal Trucafort we have bicycles for rent (for hours or days).


Some points of interest are Margalef, a lovely village just 4 km from la Bisbal and internationally famous due to its climbing areas, that are among the best in Europe. 1 km from la Bisbal there is Santa Llúcia's Cave, which was used as a hospital during the Spanish Civil War.


Moreover, in summer you can enjoy going to the local swimming pool and to the Montsant River. The most important thing is that you can enjoy all these things in an environment of peace and quiet like anywhere else.